Pick me


Interviewing at Viasat

  • Do a little homework

    You’ve caught our attention; now let’s help you ace that interview. During the phone interview, be prepared to answer questions about your background, your knowledge of our brand (this website is a great place to do some homework!) and how you envision making an impact as part of our team.

  • Get a 360 view

    Invited to an onsite interview? It’s time to meet in person and take our relationship to the next level with a face-to-face interview. During the onsite interview, you can expect to see our offices, get a better feel for our culture, and meet your potential future colleagues. Still have questions? Talk to your recruiter about how to best prepare for success.

  • Interview us

    Read up on the department or business that you’ll be interviewing with, and take a deeper dive into Viasat’s global footprint and unique culture. We encourage you to be curious and show up with questions based on your research.