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Interview at Viasat

Ace your Phone Screen

  • If your background is a strong match for the role, a recruiter will reach out via email to get some more information or set up a phone call.
  • During the phone call, the recruiter wants to learn a little more about your qualifications and what you could bring to the table. Speak to the experience on your resume – and ask some questions about the position!
  • At any time during the interview process, feel free to ask your recruiter about next steps in the process or timing.
  • TIP: Don’t go into an interview unprepared – research our company’s mission, goals, and values, and read up on your potential future department. Remember, a recruiter isn’t looking for the “right answer;” they’ll be focused on strong problem-solving skills, a willingness to think outside the box, and why you want to join the Viasat family. And have a few questions ready for us!

Prepare for an in-person interview

  • The next step is an onsite interview at one of our locations. Interviews can last one hour or take all day – we’ll provide you with the format and details of the interview before you arrive.
  • On the day of, come prepared with copies of your resume and a notebook. Business casual is generally appropriate attire for a first onsite interview.
  • TIP: Remember – most interviewers don’t have military experience, so adjust your language accordingly. Acronyms can be confusing, so use them sparingly and spell them out when you do need to use them. When answering questions, take the time to reflect on your experiences or difficult challenges you’ve overcome. Highlight examples of teamwork, innovation, critical thinking, and leadership. Expect a variety of questions, from questions on your resume to common behavioral interview questions to technical questions (if you’re applying for a technical position). Above all, be comfortable and be yourself!

Sit back and relax

  • The interviewers, hiring manager, and recruiter will review your application and assess your fit for the role.
  • Your recruiter will keep you updated during the evaluation process. If you get an offer, they’ll be the first to give you the good news!