This isn’t your typical internship

A Viasat internship is a lot of things – but never boring. Whether it's solving real problems, brainstorming with some of the best minds in the industry, or enjoying an afternoon volleyball game, this could be your best summer yet.

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Welcome to your summer at Viasat

A day in the life

From Carlsbad to Tempe and Marlborough, take a peek behind the curtain of what it's like to be an intern at Viasat.


Meet Rachel Rhodes, a test engineer intern at Viasat's Tempe office.


Meet Dwayne Wilkes, a government systems intern at Viasat's Carlsbad office.


Meet Joseph Sudo, a software engineering intern at Viasat's Marlborough office.

Started as an intern, now I’m here

Our former interns come from a variety of fields, but they all share the same traits: a passion for innovation and a love of the work they do. Take a look at their reasons for starting their careers at Viasat.

“I came back to Viasat after my internship because they trusted me to actually do something important, no matter how new I was to the company. I wanted to do hands-on work that made a difference, and at Viasat they make sure that the engineers play a huge role on the big projects. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I can’t even believe that this is my job.”

– Cassie Kammerman, Mechanical Engineering | University of Arizona (Tempe, AZ)

“I love what I do. There are so many people at Viasat with the same mindset and culture; everyone is really down to earth, focused on their job, and ambitious with their projects. You won’t find many lazy people here. We’re all driven by the same thing and constantly pushing the envelope on new technology. That’s why I’m excited to come to work every day.”

– Osama Farooqi, Software Engineer | Penn State (Carlsbad, CA)

“The culture at Viasat is incredible; it’s why I knew I wanted to come back here full time. There’s nothing better than waking up, putting on shorts and a T-shirt, going to work, having a sidebar conversation with your boss’s boss in the hallway and realizing he’s also in shorts and a T-shirt.”

– Evan Lee, Data Engineer | Florida State University (Denver, CO)

“Viasat is a pretty big company. Everyone’s hardworking and serious about what they do, but somehow everyone maintains a really fun and positive work environment. That was a huge reason why I wanted to come back after my internship. I wanted to work hard but laugh a lot too.”

– Andrea Lu, Graphic Design | Univ. of Wash (Denver, CO)

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