Marilyn Magdaleno

Marine Corps

Marilyn describes her thoughts on the importance of cultural alignment with personal values as a key part of a successful transition.

Marilyn, tell us about your primary job in the Marine Corps.

My primary role in the Marines was to plan, install, operate, and maintain tactical communications networks providing a robust and reliable communications architecture while leading, mentoring, and training Marines. I was also responsible for the liaison between commander and staff members on information technology and all communication related issues. This included network outages where I had to develop and present courses of action and present solutions to senior leadership. One memorable event sticks out to me– I was a Staff Sergeant and in an empty field in a remote location and my Marines were working to set up our network, tents, wire, netting, VSAT, routers, and firewalls. In a matter of minutes, we were connected to a satellite. Within an hour, we were on the cloud and connected to the world. Missions were being fulfilled and Marines could connect to their families. Nothing felt better, but now I see how Viasat has taken that ability to the next level and it makes me proud to call Viasat my new home.

How does your job at Viasat compare to your job in the military?

The best part of my current job here at Viasat (and it really reminds me of my job in the Marine Corps) is that my leadership experience affords me the reputation of being dependable; and I’m proud of that. At Viasat, I also have an amazing opportunity to develop and grow on my Marine skills but now they are applied to industry. Viasat, just like the Marine Corps, grooms innovation - not only to shape the battlefield but to advance technologies that advance human kind. I am grateful to be part of this!

How important was cultural alignment to you?

It was absolutely important. After being in the military for 23 years, specifically the Marine Corps where we had a real sense of brotherhood, the cultural and team fit was incredibly important to me. Viasat’s culture made me feel right at home from the initial phone call to my first onsite visit. My new team welcomed me with open arms. Viasat provides me with a lower stress environment an almost zen-like work environment. I also appreciate the way everyone collaborates to make things happen and encourages creative thought and innovative ideas. I am the envy of all my friends.

How do you bring the values that are important to you to your new role?

Initiative, leadership, and being a fast learner are all qualities that I developed while serving and that I use in my day to day in this new role as a Network Technical Operations Analyst. I had to learn Viasat’s terminology along with their Network Architecture in short order so I could be successful. I also lead meetings which require me to task supervisors and managers on items which require execution under specific timelines. I wouldn’t be able to accomplish this without confidence in my ability to lead.

What does military friendly mean at Viasat?

One of the ways Viasat supports the military is by sponsoring events geared towards transition. During the event, Viasat employees network with transitioning military and military spouses.

The attendees go through a series of courses that provide them with helpful transition tools and the opportunity to practice interviewers with recruiters. There is also an outreach program that sponsors volunteer events to assist military families. Internally, Viasat observes every Service Branch birthday and honors military holidays. Viasat goes the extra mile for their Veteran employees and it’s very evident every day.