Whitney Orellana

Project Specialist

What do you do at Viasat?

I currently work in a project support role on Viasat’s benefits team. This includes running our employee recognition program, managing our corporate discounts, supporting our relocation and immigration team, and anything else I can get my hands on.

What unique challenge or problem have you worked on here at Viasat?

Recently, I worked on the implementation of the Viasat Onboarding Portal. Having supported onboarding administration since I started at Viasat, I was brought onto the project to automate our onboarding forms process. I had little experience with systems so this was an exciting challenge, and an exceptional opportunity to turn a manual process into a totally efficient workflow. It’s been awesome to see the transformation of the new hire onboarding experience!

How would you describe Viasat’s culture?

To me, Viasat’s culture is flexible and fun while also being focused and driven. It’s like everyone here has a not-so-secret “work hard/play hard” pact and we’ve all bought in 100%! I love that our culture is unique and I truly take pride in being a part of it.

What do you like about People & Culture and the Benefits team?

I like that P&C is constantly growing and changing to fit the needs of the business. In a functional support role, it might be easy to lose track of how your role impacts the bigger company picture, but our group is always evolving, which makes it easy to keep Viasat’s strategic goals in mind. The benefits team is awesome to be a part of because we all do such different things! Everyone on the team lends a unique perspective to each situation and it’s cool to see our individual efforts come together to holistically support our employees.

What makes working at Viasat different from your other experiences?

Pretty much everything! I’m consistently excited and challenged, which makes the work endlessly rewarding. With Viasat, I’m confident that I’ll get out what I put in and that I’ll learn something really valuable along the way.

What excites you most about your job?

I love doing something different every day and Viasat’s rapid growth lends itself well to that. As someone who loves change and creating efficiencies, I’m basically a kid in a candy store at work. Above everything, I’m most excited about where Viasat is headed. What a crazy, fun adventure we’re on!