Who we are


Who thrives at Viasat?

Those who believe there’s always a better way – and have the passion to pursue it. Across our diverse set of teams and businesses, in countries around the world, we share a commitment to ongoing learning which means endless opportunities to grow, influence, and make an impact. It’s no wonder that year after year our employee engagement survey scores continue to beat industry benchmarks. This is your chance to do the best work of your career in a culture that promotes pride in teamwork, trust, and collaboration.

The culture at Viasat

See yourself here

No matter where you are in your career, there’s a place for you here. At Viasat we believe great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. Whether you are a new grad or a seasoned employee– you are empowered to use your voice and help influence the future. Here, you’re invited to design your ideal work experience with the freedom to explore opportunities and do the best work of your career.


Why I started my career at Viasat

Choosing the place to start your career can be daunting – but not for these Viasat employees, who knew this was a place where they could have a both voice and an impact.


Why I stayed at Viasat

Hear from employees with a decade or more of experience with Viasat, and how they’ve been able to reinvent their career, grow and learn, and have what they want out of work and life.


Why I came to Viasat

Embracing diversity. Looking toward the future. Designing your ideal career experience. Listen to some of our experienced professionals explain why they left their former employer to join Viasat.

We think career ladders are boring

At Viasat, we don’t put limits on what you can accomplish or specify the boxes you have to check along the way. Instead, we encourage you to design your ideal career experience. Take on different responsibilities. Switch into another team. Learn a new skill. Progress into a leadership role. Or completely reinvent your career. All it takes is drive, a willingness to learn, and a passion for curiosity and innovation!

New hire onboarding and mentoring programs

Be part of Viasat's learning culture. Our onboarding program is tailored just for you, and helps you connect with teammates across Viasat campuses. Get the tools and resources you need to excel, and engage with Viasat mentors and leaders.

Evolve your career

Challenge yourself, magnify your strengths, and acquire cutting-edge skills with our Learning and Development course offerings. Network with colleagues at the top of their field and expose yourself to new ways of thinking. Participate in one of our leadership development programs where you’ll learn how to lead strategically, motivate others, and evolve into a future leader at Viasat. No matter your path, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Tuition reimbursement

Whether your goal is to continue your career growth, change career paths, or stay current with new technologies, we've got you covered. Learning is a part of our culture and core to our strategy. That’s why we offer a generous educational reimbursement program, including onsite learning opportunities with top universities and scholarship programs, to help you meet your learning goals –today and throughout your career.