Katherine Mackie

Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Katherine, tell us about your primary job at Viasat.

At a macro level, my role is to oversee the Talent Acquisition group at Viasat, making sure that the team is appropriately positioned and resourced to support the needs of the business on a global scale. We are responsible for supporting Viasat’s recruitment needs from university recruitment to executive level hiring across all lines of business. I am lucky that I have a fantastic team to partner with to make all of these goals attainable.

As someone who joined Viasat in the last year, how would you describe Viasat’s culture?

Viasat has a very organic culture, one which is innovative, curious, fun and ambitious. We have a number of employees who have performed numerous roles across different business segments over the years. People genuinely have architected their own careers by raising their hands and expressing their interests, personal development and career drivers.

One unique trait of Viasat is the purposeful decision to have a flat hierarchical structure as to not restrict the flow of ideas or collaboration. To a new joiner, this can be surprising! When it is not immediately obvious who does what, you must rely on your relationships, bringing into sharp focus the importance of building and maintaining your network. In truth this is something we should all do in any case, so this is actually just a good discipline for us!

What makes working at Viasat different from your other experiences?

Viasat is currently a medium-sized organization, but it retains much of its small organization charm. In the near future however, we are expecting great things for Viasat as we become the world’s first global internet service provider. This means exciting opportunities for us on a global scale (and of course a grand opportunity for Talent Acquisition to shine!). Having worked at a number of large multinational organizations before, Viasat is at the precipice of something very new indeed. This isn’t something you find in companies every day.

What excites you most about your job?

I am driven by process and team optimization, so I love the opportunity to assess a process with the desired end point in mind and figure out how best to get there collaboratively. The ability to take a process or a product from good to great and see the positive results is extremely rewarding. We have ongoing opportunities to do so in growing companies, so Viasat keeps me on my toes!

Looking ahead, what projects or initiatives are you most eager to tackle with the Talent Acquisition team?

Partnering with our Communications team, the Talent Acquisition team and I have invested a lot of time in shaping and investing in our employer brand, as well as thinking about how we strategically activate that brand on a global scale. In addition, the team and I have put a lot of thought and effort into ensuring our tools and processes are all fit for purpose. Having created a solid platform from which to build, we now have an opportunity to be more purposeful around how we can support Viasat’s diversity goals and global scalability – ensuring we have the right people in the right place at the right time. We also have the opportunity to think creatively around how we can innovate our own Talent Acquisition processes with disruptive technology, be that by leveraging AI or Machine Learning, video job descriptions…there is a world of opportunity.