Got big ideas? So do we.

We’re looking for the next generation of innovators. Do you strive to make an impact that can change the world? Do you push the status quo and ask tough questions? Do you believe there’s always a better way? Then there’s no better place to start your career than Viasat.

University events

Our bags are packed and we’re headed back to school. Catch us on campus to learn more about how you and Viasat could be the perfect pair.

UCSD Professional Evening with Industry

Jacobs Hall, Suite 1400. January 30, 2023

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Georgia Tech Computing Career Fair

Georgia Tech. McCamish Pavilion. January 31, 2023

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign...

Illini Union. February 01, 2023

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USC Spring Career Fair

Trousdale Parkway. February 02, 2023

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Challenging. Fun. Impactful. Rewarding. These are all words past interns have used to describe our intern program. Work on meaningful projects, meet lifelong friends, and learn more than you thought possible in a summer.

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University grads

Why not start your career with a team that welcomes your influence and encourages you to make an impact right from the start? Or a team that supports your growth through challenging projects that make a real difference? Why not start your career at Viasat?

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