Tory See

Director of Social Impact

Tory, tell us about your primary job at Viasat.

The work I do at Viasat examines the company through a social impact lens, which lends itself to questions such as, “how do we operate a business in a way that is sustainable, inclusive and engaged in the communities where we work and conduct business?” My team strives to answer these questions through programs related to Corporate Social Responsibility, which at Viasat we call Social Impact. We offer a wide array of programs, including employee volunteerism, environmental sustainability initiatives, product and service donations and partnerships with nonprofit organizations.

How did you get to where you are today?

Though I have been at Viasat almost 12 years, I spent the first five managing projects in our Corporate Engineering department. I was able to forge strong networks and really got to see how our engineering leaders pulled substantial ideas together, built consensus and influenced important outcomes across business areas and locations. I applied many of these same concepts when I transitioned over to our People and Culture team and took over Viasat’s corporate charitable giving programs. Taking over something that was existing but ripe for growth and efficiency was simultaneous really exciting and challenging! Over the years, we have grown from a singular employee giving initiative to a holistic CSR program- something I’m very proud of!

As someone who has been with Viasat over the years, how would you describe Viasat’s culture?

Our culture is unique in the ability to lead in both formal and informal roles, the capacity to drive your own career and the impact you can have globally through the work we do. Those things, combined with the growth we’ve had over the almost 12 years I have been at Viasat, mean that your potential to grow with Viasat is tremendous!

What makes working at Viasat different from your other experiences?

At Viasat, I feel an ability to get substantial work done due to a lack of bureaucracy. I’ve also felt a strong sense of collaboration throughout the organization to make the right things happen- and this is not necessarily confined to one’s job description. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, there’s a very tangible, collective mission to connect the unconnected- which gives us all a sense of positive impact.

What excites you about coming into work every day?

Corporate Social Responsibility impacts a tremendous breadth of topics throughout the company, which allows us to collaborate with numerous business areas at Viasat daily. This lets us partner with teams outside of our areas to tackle challenges that remain at the forefront of people’s hearts and minds. Forging those connections allows us to see real change both inside and outside of our company walls.

I’m incredibly grateful to see the result of things we’ve done as a team and organizationally, and excited at the growth and opportunity that still remains in our space. We’ve made huge strides already- and have so many more paths to venture down moving forward!

Looking ahead, what projects or initiatives are you most eager to tackle with the Social Impact team?

I am most excited to continue to evolve our team to the next level in terms of not only CSR initiatives but also doing so in a way that is relevant to our business and our growth. We’ve just started scratching the surface on the intersectionality between Viasat’s business objectives and CSR potential- and I’m excited to see what business challenges we can solve together.