Pick me


Interviewing at Viasat

Be prepared – and stand out.

  • You’ve caught our attention; now let’s help you ace that interview. Be prepared to demonstrate a solid understanding of the required skills for the position, technical and otherwise. Our most impressive candidates understand what we do here and have a vision for how they will make a positive impact at Viasat.

Know your stuff.

  • Depending on the role you’re applying for, you might have a technical phone or on-campus interview. Don’t know the answer to a problem? Don’t panic! We’re looking for you to work through problems, ask follow-up questions, and demonstrate how you think about technical challenges.

Get a 360 view.

  • If you’re applying for a full-time position (not an internship), you may get invited to an onsite interview after a phone screening. It’s time to meet in person so we can learn who you are and you can learn more about us. This is where you can show us how you shine, from technical skills to communication style. During the onsite interview, you’ll see our campus, get a better feel for our culture, and spend some time with potential future colleagues and cross-functional teams. Interview styles vary from group to group, so talk to your recruiter about how best to prepare for success.

Interview us.

  • Before your interview, take a look at the different departments we have available and dive into why we may be a good fit for you. Use the interview as your opportunity to learn more about your potential role and Viasat’s unique culture. Ask what you need to know so you can make a confident decision in accepting an opportunity with Viasat.